About Us

CRAWBREN & ASSOCIATES LLC is a consulting firm that uses the principles of “Deep Democracy.”

Unlike "classical" democracy, which focuses on majority rule, Deep Democracy suggests that all voices, states of awareness, and frameworks of reality are important. Deep Democracy also suggests that all the information carried within these voices, levels of awareness, and frameworks is needed to understand the complete process of a system. Deep Democracy is an attitude that focuses on the awareness of voices that are both central and marginal. (Deep Democracy Institute). 

CRAWBREN & ASSOCIATES LLC consulting style is to bring all voices to the table and to design systems which allow everyone to participate in ways that empowers and provide solutions.

The consulting pool of CRAWBREN & ASSOCIATES LLC has over a half century of collective experiences in project management and implementation.

CRAWBREN & ASSOCIATES LLC empowers the community our foundational core value is “Within all Communities is the inherent wisdom to solve any problems.”

Community Building

CRAWBREN & ASSOCIATES LLC consultants have expertise in consensus building, strategic thinking and planning, civic engagement, facilitation, and complex process design to help foster the development of agreements that drive transformative change. In addition, CRAWBREN & ASSOCIATES LLC works with organizations to create strategic plans, facilitate boards, foster staff development, and guide strategic positioning.

To build aggressive plans, guide implementation strategies, resolve conflict, conduct strategic planning processes, change governance mechanisms, and make change happen!

Crawbren & Associates  promotes the belief that successful youth engagement strategies require that youth have genuine and meaningful opportunities to work with each other and with policymakers to impact issues of importance.  Effective initiatives respect the value of young people in public problem-solving and provide young people and adults with information, tools and support to work effectively together as partners, allowing opportunities for youth to take ownership of parts of the process, mobilize others and become powerful role models. Let our Youth Associate work with you to design effective strategies that will empower and provide solutions.