Brenda is a passionate and articulate advocate for social justice issues and effective client driven services. Brenda demonstrated her community outreach and engagement skills forming positive working relationships with the Contra Costa County Mental Health Commission and serving on multiple system transformation committees.

- Gale Bataille, MHCC Board of Directors 

It was an honor to be a colleague of Brenda's. She truly believes in the seeking out all resources for the success of a project and the obtainment of goals. I endorse the use of her consultant services.

- Michele D. Curran, Peer Program Specialist 

Brenda Crawford's candor and bravery in representing the voice of the consumer moved Contra Costa Regional Medical Center's Executive Team in the direction of profound system change. She is unwavering in her focus for justice, grounded in respect and collaboration. Not only did we benefit from her expertise, we where genuinely touched by her presence.

- Anna M. Roth: Chief Executive Officer, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center & Health Centers
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Luckily The Rev. always seemed to be around or come around when I was slipping. And he always managed to get me back on track yet I was unsuccessful at staying on track. By him continuously being there when I desperately needed a male figure he was there. Whenever I was with the Rev. I could always be who I was not thinking about the streets because I was distracted by something positive, a male role model. I felt invincible but he showed me I wasn’t. Without the Rev. I would have had to hit rock bottom to stop, and that would be death or prison.   Thank you Rev. I love you for always being here. 


I was referred to Carl Warren for personal training services 10 years ago by a mutual friend.  At that time, my goal was to lose 20lbs. Given that I had worked with other personal trainers over the course of my adult life, I quickly realized that that there was something special about Mr. Warren. His focus was not just on my physical being, it was on me as a total person – mind, body and spirit. He did not take his partnership with me lightly. From the time I presented for any given workout through my warm-up period, he accurately assessed the state of my total being and subsequently tailored each workout accordingly. With his help, I became healthier and met my goal! He did his work in a highly professional, motivating manner with great skill and integrity being “present” at all times. Over the course of our relationship, he has acted in the capacity of my trainer, counselor and life coach. Carl Warren is consistently exceptional and I would not hesitate to endorse his services. “  

- Lisa Jackson

Rev. Tinsley helped me to become a man and I changed all the bad into good … I …am man out of Richmond, California. I am a real testimony that you want to read about in your newspaper on the good things coming out of Richmond. [I’ve] been going for ten months putting things into action.

I am happy and God has been the leader in all I [have] done in the past three years. I prayed that I get a change of heart and he blessed me to learn from my past experiences to change my life for the good and not the bad. I plan to come back to Richmond, CA, to be a leader and not a follower and lead my people home free to a place where you don’t have to run you don’t have to shoot you don’t have to kill to survive. I want my younger generation to have a better place to learn and a better place to live than I had but to understand that wisdom come[s] from past experiences.     I want to be like Rev. Tinsley every day I live…God bless.